About UpSource

UpSource is a recruitment company working within the areas of IT, Economy, Finances and Management.

We aim to be the best by having highly experienced and professional staff, who work as consultants in specific areas of expertise. By having a focus on recruitment our customers and candidates feel they are being understood at a deeper level. Our goal is to always create the best relations between our candidates, consultants and businesses.

Our customers are some of the most sought after employers in Scandinavia - EDB Ergo Group, Nansen Senteret, PWC, Hansa Borg, TV2 and Vizrt to mention a few.

The employer experience:

We can offer tailor made recruitment processes for your company. The general recruitment process include:

  • Initial mapping of position requirements and candidates' profiles
  • Candidate search through advertising, databases and professional networks
  • Interviews with potential candidates
  • Aptitude and psychometric testing of the most qualified candidates followed by test result feedback and in-depth interviews
  • Presentation of the most qualified candidates
  • 360 degree reference check of chosen favourites
  • Final interviews with best qualified candidates and potential future employer


For more information on how UpSource can help you do a successful recruitment, either e-mail us at info@upsource.no or give us a call on +47 55 70 70 25.

The candidate experience:

If you have applied to one of our positions, we will be in contact if you meet the specifications. Before an interview think about the following questions:

  • Why is the position interesting?
  • Which relevant experience makes you qualified?
  • Why are you considering changing jobs?
  • What are your strongest and weakest qualities?


If you wish to be registered at our network, send us your CV with a covering letter to soknad@upsource.no


  • Bergen: Christian Michelsens gate 4

    5012 Bergen, Tlf. 5536 6000

  • Stavanger: Hospitalsgaten 6

    4006 Stavanger, Tlf. 5152 0400